The company's management

Economic security
Tracking of shipment
Legal advice
Detective work
Informational-analytical activity

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One of the activities league "August" - providing comprehensive services in the area of economic security by:
- Of information, analytical and advisory activities in the area of economic security;
- Maintenance contract - contractual relationship partners in terms of economic security;
- Selection of potential partners for the specified criteria;
- Analysis of financial and economic condition of the company, assessing its business reputation;
- Analysis of the business climate and investment risks;
- Development of forms and methods of compensation peer funds lost due to the inability to recover from the debtor in the pretrial order;
- Make proposals for improvement of accounting systems, security-related production and storage;
- Participate in the interviewing and testing of potential candidates in recruitment of staff;
- Providing information on legal and natural persons;
- Interaction with law enforcement officials;
- Make recommendations for improvement of the enterprise, security and record-keeping;
- Organization of work in other parts of the country on a permanent basis and with the use of travel.

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