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Security Detective Liga "August" provides services in support of cargoes across Russia using the most advanced navigational technology.

A specially equipped terminal control allows you to analyze and organize data obtained by satellite communication system with the observed objects, which established special navigational instruments.

Review on an electronic map displays the control room:

  • current status of all vehicles (objects)
  • every minute display of speed and direction of movement of objects
  • fixation and duration of any stops, with a beep on the control center the exact geographic coordinates
  • existing network of roads with names of settlements along the routes of movement of objects
  • location of observed objects from Moscow
  • distance traveled at any given time
  • history of movement of each object in the current period and, if necessary for each intervening period to the above data
The work of this program is provided round the clock satellite communications network that allows you to visually monitor the ascent of the route in real time to review the electronic map, which is equipped with control tower.

Manager has the ability to direct management of navigation instruments installed at the facilities by an extraordinary interview and obtain all necessary information about the status of a protected (followed by) the object.

Also, in addition to hardware, cargo escort is provided by the personnel department for maintenance of cargo. At the request of the customer protection may be armed with service weapons, and equipped with special means NIB and CAO (personal control and active defense). Support of cargoes is carried out on groups of special service vehicles.

Our company invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation and offer you a range of services for the protection, maintenance and monitoring of goods throughout the territory of the Russian Federation with modern satellite navigation systems monitoring.

Control room, equipped with navigation equipment around the clock allows you to visually monitor the ascent of the route in real time. At any time, at the request of the client manager will provide information on the whereabouts of cargo, vehicle speed and the route covered, indicating the amount, duration and reasons for stopping.

Protection of cargo can be carried out as a security guard, and with direct participation of escorts for official vehicles of our company, secured during the period of contractual obligations necessary documentation, special tools, if necessary - weapons and means of communication.

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