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"Private Security" AUGUST-SB "is a part of" Security Detective Liga "August"
License № 405 issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow 25.01.1996g SAD. and extended to the Moscow Police, the 01/25/2014
License the Director General of the "private security company" AUGUST-SB "Orlov Evgeny Leonidovich. Tel.: +7 (495) 988-92-19

    The company provides armed guards:
  • industry:viewviewview
  • offices:viewviewview
  • warehouses
  • offices of enterprises
  • suburban areas and Cooperatives
  • recreation
  • as well as freight forwarding
Much attention is paid to maintaining and improving the training of the League. For this purpose the company has its own gym and a classroom. Qualified teachers regularly teach courses on service-legal subjects, and to improve the skills of fire training - training of fire in the small center "Dynamo".

Guarantee full protection for you and your sites - is a carefully selected our staff. All employees of the private security guard holds a certificate, permit to work with weapons and special means.

Our company has its official indoor radio channel through which ensures uninterrupted communication within Moscow and Moscow region, that can quickly respond to the information received from the protected sites.

From the best-trained staff created unit - the Rapid Response Unit (RRT), which operates on a round the clock on duty.

Unit staff have received special training, their expertise includes the following services:
  • protection of V.I.P-persons
  • security events (rallies and public speeches, conferences, conventions, anniversaries, etc.)
  • prompt resolution emergency situations.
Work in this area builds on the client's wishes and in compliance with applicable laws. If you have an extraordinary situation, the customer's call to duty unit, ready to leave immediately RRG to the scene.

In agreement with the client, the security guards can be armed with service weapons and special means, as well as technological security devices.

All employees of the Group are in good physical shape, possess methods of unarmed combat. The drivers have experience driving all types of executive cars. Good knowledge of Moscow and Moscow region allows them to choose the shortest and safest routes.

Special training on ethics and image of the private security guard to help our employees to be tactful and warning.

The style of our work - high professionalism and confidentiality

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