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May 29, 2003 was presented Security Detective Liga "August". This is the formalization developed in 1997 a team of professionals. The beginning of the traditional - work experience in private security companies, etc., with the need to provide customers with additional services, the company was formed detective. But experience has shown that this is not enough, why was established back and advisory structure, which has been studying, collecting information, consulting activities in the field of security, first and foremost economic security. These companies - the basis of Security & Detective League, which seeks to take the broadest possible range of issues related to security in business under current legislation.

The purpose of the Security Detective Liga "August": providing a full range of security services for businesses, as well as the implementation of preventive measures aimed at reducing the risks of doing business related to safety.

Since 2004, Security Detective Liga "August" is a member of the Non-Profit Partnership "The combination of business organizations in Russia (SUPPORT)," and takes an active part in public events dedicated to solving the problems of commercial security structures.

The range of Security Detective Liga "August" is very wide and in the interests of both individuals and legal entities.

Ensuring economic security organizations and enterprises of all forms of property, commercial and industrial areas of activity:

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